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On October 24, BC voters will be going to the polls.  This election is vitally important.  That's why West Coast Proud is working overtime to present the facts to our fellow citizens.

We're supported by thousands upon thousands of British Columbians, and growing.  Our network's viral videos & infographics are seen by almost 10 million Canadians each week, and politicians are being forced to take notice.

But we can't keep up this level of success -- or make a difference in this election -- without your help.

Everything we do is financed by donations.  Please make a contribution to help us:

  • A gift of $49 will allow another 9,800 BCers to learn the facts.
  • Giving $249 will let us reach 49,800 people, and is just below the disclosure threshold.
  • And a contribution of $1450 will help spread the truth to 290,000 of your fellow British Columbians, and is the maximum yearly amount.

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If you don't live in BC, click here.

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